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Jerome Renaud-goud
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Hon Trau Nam or Three Kings is named after the three rock formations standing vast and steady.

Name Dive Site:Hon Trau Nam, Three Kings
Depth: 10-35m (32-114ft)
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Hon Trau Nam is a beautiful dive site from 10 to 35m deep. Good for almost 10 dives. We find big Cartilaginous fishes: Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Sting Ray, also Jacks along the giant rocks drop off. On the bottom at 25/35m, there are colourful soft coral, sea slugs and a very rare Black Coral (Antipathes Dichotoma). Everywhere is abundant with Nudibranches and Opisthobranches. Giant Angel Fishes like Pomacanthus Annularis and P. Xanthometopon, also the yellow Trimaculatus with their blue lips and of course the P. Imperator. On this dive at 10m there is a small old wreck; around it are Scorpion Fish, a huge Stone Fish. It is possible to do a drift dive on one side of the rock formations here.

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- Amigos Divers, 60 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Nha Trang

Amigos Divers
 60 Nguyen Thien Thuat
Nha Trang

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