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Jerome Renaud-goud
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Moray Beach is one of the most popular dive site around Mun Island.

Name Dive Site:Moray Beach
Depth: 3-18m (9-59ft)
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Moray Beach is a 3 to 18 meter deep dive, the best place for a try out dive or for an Open Water Courses. Starting on the sand where we can see Scorpion Fishes, Lion Fishes, Clown Fishes, rare Black Frog Fish and White Frog Fish. The splendid coral reef continues to the moray cave. Three giant moray (2 Javanicus and 1 beautiful Favagineus) close-by we can find some network pipe fishes and two Multibar Pipe Fishes, razor Fishes and Trumpet Fishes. At the end of the dive, at 3m, in a small cave are 2 nice Leaf Fishes (Taenianotus Triacantus) and a big Stone Fish. Sometimes we encounter one or two extemely rare Devil Scorpion Fishes, who walk on the sand area.

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Name: scubadivingvn

The name provokes thought of the primary marine residents of the dive site, the Moray. The Moray hunt at night, hiding in their caves during the day. With 7 or 8 morays with heads of 25 centimeters each they squeeze in a tight area as there habitat. They look fierce but behave themselves when they see divers. The view is beautiful and is very suitable for swimmers, snorkelers, discover scuba diving or beginners taking there PADI Open Water course.

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