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Phu Quoc is an upcoming holiday destination with excellent snorkeling near Turtle Island and diving at the An Thoi Archipelago.

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Phu Quoc, located inside the Gulf of Thailand between Sihanoukville (Cambodia) and Ha Tien (Vietnam), is one of the recently discovered scuba and beach paradises in Vietnam. This teardrop shaped island with its stunning beaches, remoteness and friendly atmosphere attracts travelers from all across the world. Popular beaches are Bai Kem (Ice Cream Beach) and Bai Dai Beach. Tourism is just catching up; basic water activity near Long Beach and with new hotels, bars and restaurants opening each month. You can explore its clear waters by hiring a fisherman's boat in An Thoi (An Tho), Cua Can or Duong Dong. Heavy packed and well prepared hikers can track through thick rain forest towards Mount Chua with more than 600 meters high, the highest spot on Phu Quoc.

Snorkeling is one of the popular activities near Turtle Island or Doi Moi; an island of just 50 meters wide, northwest of Bao Dai Beach on the northwest side of Phu Quoc. Just south of Phu Quoc is where you find the An Thoi Archipelago consisting of 15 islands. There is a 60m deep strait between mainland An Thoi and Hon Dua or Coconut Island providing for great drift wall dives. Other islands include Hon Thon (Pineapple island), Hon Roi (Lamp Island), Hon Dam (Shadow Island), Hon Vang (Echo Island), Hon May Rut (Cold Cloud Island), Chan Qui (Yellow Tortoise Island) and Hong Mong Tay (Short Gun Island). The coral is breathtaking, fish life with species such as damsel fish, stonefish, fairy basslets, coral grouper and angelfish similar as in the Gulf of Thailand. There are even a few areas with sea grass and dugongs. It is an upcoming destination with a lot to offer for scuba divers as well as other tourists.

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